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Manual Last Updated: April 4, 2013                                                     *  Essence Version
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Looking For a Reiki 1 Manual?

Are you new to Reiki and looking for a Reiki book that you can browse before attending a class (so you can know what to expect)?  My abridged version of my Threshold Reiki 1 manual can help you get an understanding of Reiki and prepare you for your Reiki training.  It can also be used right alongside whatever documentation your own Reiki teacher prefers to use.

Or perhaps you're a Reiki Master (Shihan) looking for a more helpful (and free) Reiki manual you can use as the main text for your own classes.  Maybe you've been trying to find a manual that embraces modern Reiki concepts as well as the best of traditional Japanese Reiki. If so, then perhaps this version of the Threshold Reiki First Degree / Shoden class manual might be useful to you.

This is an Essence or Essential Components version of my Threshold Reiki 1 Manual.  For those who have worked with my material in the past you will notice that I have rearranged the manual and added in new material that more accurately reflects the main part of my Threshold Reiki 1 class. Some of these additions are now available at my public Reiki web pages as separate articles and handouts.

Some of the Manual's Contents

Sample Sessions - subject is seated or lying on a table

Detailed photos of possible hand placements

Possible hand placement 

A Simpler, Smaller (yet complete) Manual

Recently I wanted to create a version of a Reiki 1 manual that was less bulky for my master students to freely print for their Reiki classes (my complete manual is over 200 pages), and also give them the option to add in the additional material that I use, or their own add-ins. 

I also wanted to create a more generic manual that other Reiki Masters could use for their systems of Reiki. So I have removed certain parts from the main manual and created separate optional Appendices for these components, depending on the content. 

Only the Header Pages for the Appendices are included with this version so Reiki Masters can pull these out or attach their own add-ins for the appropriate sections.  (My Threshold Reiki Masters will still have access to the complete Appendix Sections at the Threshold Shihan Support Pages. ) The Appendices normally include some segments I teach in class like Distant Reiki, Reiki Ethics or additional Certain Japanese Techniques that I know other teachers prefer not to address at this level.  So I leave the extra material to the discretion of the Reiki Teacher.

However, I've left in the header pages for each Appendix in case you might want to make use of these optional additional sections with your own material, or some of the pdf files from my main Reiki pages.  They can easily be removed if you don't intend to use them. (Note that the Table of Contents indicates that these sections are optional, and thus may not be included in what you present to them.)

Here's what's in this version of the manual:


Introduction to This Manual 1
Disclaimer 2
An Explanation of Reiki and It's Origins 3
Usui-Do (Usui-no-Michi): The Origin of Usui Reiki Ryoho 10
Receiving the Reiki Empowerment 13
Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai Hand Positions - Self Treatment 15
Modern Reiki Hand Positions - Self Treatment 17
Reiki Analogies 22
Using Reiki to Scan Yourself 26
Traditional Japanese Reiki Components  28
- Byosen Reikan Ho (Scanning);  29
- Reiji Ho (Intuitive) 31
- Nentatsu Ho (Affirmation); 32 
Giving a Reiki Session to Someone Seated 34
- Modern Method: the Main Chakras or Energy Points 35
- Traditional Japanese Treatment (plus Intuitive Treatment) 37
Taking Reiki Into Your Everyday Life 39
A Complete Reiki Session on a Table (plus some guidelines) 
 - Preparing to Give a Full Reiki Session 41
 - Scanning the Recipient 42
 - Treating the Front of the Body 43
 - Treating the Back of the Body 50
 - Balancing the Chakras 52
 - Finishing the Session (Front or Back) 54
 - Finishing the Session (Back) 56
 - Sample Reiki Session (Full Body) 59
The Usui Gainen  61
Hatsurei ho Meditation 69

==== Only the Header Pages from the following are in this Version =====

* * *   Optional Additions to This Manual   * * * 
* Appendix A * 
   - Additional Reiki 1 Support Material
* Appendix B * 
   - Excerpts from Japanese Gendai Reiki Ho Shoden Class Material
* Appendix C * 
   - Selected Articles from the Reiki Threshold Website  (www.threshold.ca) 
* Appendix D * 
   - Your Reiki Teacher's Bio and Related Information
* Additional Handouts (loose pages in sheet protector folder} * 
   - Selected Articles from Reiki Books and Websites

Conditions of Use

You may freely download this pdf version of the manual and share it with others, provided it is not being sold outside of a Reiki 1 class, or being presented for downloading at another web site or group page like Yahoo Groups, free pdf sites, etc. 

When you do make use of this manual, aside from the Appendix header pages please leave the rest of it intact and use it as is.  Also I trust that your own Reiki Ethics will respect the various Copyrights within the manual. If in doubt about copyright of any material (whether it is noted as so or not) please refer to my web page on this at this link or contact me.

For those who were looking for a medium sized manual to use in your own classes, I hope this version works better for you and is enjoyed by you and your students.  It is just under 80 pages, but when printed double sided, this obviously halves the size.   Feel free to add in some of your own unique content using the Appendix sections, or at least your own Bio for your students to learn more about you.  That then becomes the beginning of your own Reiki 1 manual.

*  *  *  *  *  *  * 

Download the Threshold Reiki 1 Manual - Adobe .pdf Essence Version
(size = 3.4 MB)
(note: when Adobe loads, use CTRL + P to print or click on diskette icon to save)

(Please do not copy this pdf file to your own web site or group pages.  Thank You.)

*  *  *  *  *  *  * 

Possible Problem with the Download

If you find that your browser (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) shows the first page as meaningless text, don't worry.  It just means that you don't have the Black Chancery font installed (see below).  For some reason this font seems OK on the other pages, and when you go to print the manual it is actual OK.

Here's an example of what you should see:

(Click on image for larger version)

However, when you save the manual to your own computer, it should come up fine when you use Adobe Reader (free from www.adobe.com) to open it.  (Note that some readers like your cell phone, pda or Amazon Kindle may not support this font.)

But if you still have problems or you wish to install the Black Chancery font, then here is one version I found on the Internet (there are quite a few available.)

 Download Black Chancery Font

You can just move this file to your Windows/Font folder (you might have to reboot your system or at least re-open Adobe Reader) and then you have access to it.

Or, take note of where you download the font and follow these steps: 

(I borrowed these from http://www.geocities.com/athens/styx/1001/fonttext.html) 

#  Now start your Windows Control Panel... the easy way is to click the start button... go up to settings... then click on the Control Panel.

# Once you have the Control Panel Folder open double-click on the "Fonts" icon.

# Now that you have the "Fonts" folder open go up to the word "File" and select "Install New Font..."

# Now you'll get a box that says, "Add New Fonts" in the bottom left corner select the folder where you downloaded the Black Chancery File and you'll see the words "Black Chancery (True Type)" appear in the top white box.... select it by clicking on it... and then hit the "OK" button.

# Voila! You're done... now go to any of the other pages and you should see the text in your new font... Black Chancery... if you don't hit your browser's "refresh" button. (See that wasn't that bad was it?) 

If you have comments or suggestions, Contact Me.     I will try to answer them all.

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