Receiving a Reiki Distant Attunement

Last Updated: May 12, 2014

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Before the Reiki Attunement

Distant Ttunements are still not widely used now, even though It is now known that Mrs. Takataa had made use of these.  So this idea may be new for some of you.  So here is one old version of a distant attunement ceremony I used to use.  It is as good as any.

The access to the Reiki energy is usually awakened within the student by means of a process usually called an "attunement" (it is sometimes called "reiju" (ray-zhe) in Japan).  When the student is not physically present with the Reiki teacher (i.e. the student is in a distant location), then the process will be slightly different. 

In the case of Threshold Reiki attunements, the teacher will arrange a time with the student when both can be available for about 10 to 15 minutes without distraction or interruption.  Then during the agreed on time, the student sits quietly, and simply relaxes, taking note of any inner experience or body sensations.  I recommend reading the suggestions below as they may be helpful in being more aware of the experience, although the attunement always works, regardless of how the student experiences it.  The teacher meanwhile simply performs the attunement process in a specific way that allows for the non presence of the student.  

Optionally, the student and teacher may contact each other over the phone, internet or via texting.  But this is not necessary and in any case, since the attunement is a silent process, and involves, the teacher will not be talking or making sounds during it, and might even need the use of his or he own hands during it   Afterwards, the student may find himself or herself sitting for some time, immersed in the new energies.  So any previous contact made might best be terminated before the beginning of the actual attunement. 

Checking Your Energies

If you are a bit analytically oriented, and would like to determine any changes in your energy before and after the attunement, here is something you can try doing. 


Before the attunement, 

sit in a chair with your hands on 
your knees. 
-- Notice how your hands feel. 

-- Notice how your knees feel. 




Now raise your hands just about 1/4 inch,   just so they no longer touch your knees, but are very close. 

Again, how do your hands feel; how do your knees feel?

Next, this is what you can do during the Attunement

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  • Just before the selected time sit down in a chair, preferably with your feet on the floor.
  • Use whatever technique you want to get relaxed.
  • I like to tell my students a bit about what I will be doing so that they can close their eyes and focus on what they feel, and not have to peek.  Obviously this won't be a problem with you, but I'll tell you what I'll be doing anyway.  While you are sitting there I will visualize or imagine each of you making the required movements during the attunement, such as moving your hands over your head, etc.) 

  • Please Note: You don't have to move your hands - I am simply explaining what the live attunement would be like. Just sit quietly and enjoy the experience.
  • When I visualize during the Threshold Reiki attunement, as part of the process I will be standing behind you and I will be working with energy over your head and then blowing the energy through your hands (which I imagine as being in prayer position over your head). I then seal the energy at this point and guide it throughout your body.
  • Next I imagine placing energy at certain locations around you, depending on the level of the attunement:

  • This will be different depending on the attunment style (e.g. Gendai Reiki versus Threshold Reiki)
  • I imagine going behind you and running the energy through your body again.
  • The attunement is complete. Again, you don't have to move your hands to follow my movements. Just sit quiet and enjoy.
It all seems like a lot of make believe, but the amazing thing is that the attunement always happens.  And it is completely safe. 

After I am finished, no more than 10 minutes after the time, think about anything you experienced over the previous 10 minutes.  Do you feel different than before? Did you see any colours? Did you hear anything? Did you feel any sensations in your body?  You may even want to write it down.  If you are sharing the attunement with someone else, then you can share what you experienced with each other.  The purpose of this is so you will remember years later what the attunement felt like, if people ask you.  It's like your right brain needs to tell your left brain what it just got <grin>. 

Don't be concerned if you think you felt no change at all.  What you feel is right for you.  I personally don't remember anything unusual during my first attunement.  I think I was too busy trying to figure out what the teacher was doing. 

This is what you can do after the Attunement

It is important NOT to gauge the effect of the attunement based on your actual experiences during the process.  Each of us are very different and so we will react to the presence of different energies in many different ways; sometimes, in very subtle ways or ways that do not easily register within our awareness. So the best way to check the energies or any change to what you already have, is to work with the Reiki energy right after the process.

So, after you regain awareness of the room once the process time is over,  just place your hands on your own legs and tell the energy to flow.  (it most likely will already be doing so.)  

Then think of your palms and what you are feeling there.  

After a couple of minutes, raise your hands up about a quarter on an inch, just so they aren't touching your legs.  Now you will be sensing the energy, and not your legs.  If you don't notice any warmth or coolness or tingling in your hands, that's OK.  It will come in time.  Some people get lots of heat right away.  Mine took awhile for me to sense. 

If you are New to Reiki, return now  to the Class Checklist and follow the next instruction. 

Reiki 2, 3 or Master Students

Now, practice Reiki on yourself, intending only Threshold Reiki to flow  (you can look at some of the class pages or the checklist for ideas on this.)  Compare this to what you experienced before in your last treatment session, if you had one.  

Working with Your Highest KI

If I indicated that an attunement to your Highest Ki would be part of the process, then try this.  Do the above but only intend your Highest Ki to flow.  This is included in each of the Threshold 1, 2, 3 and Master attunements.  To read about Reiki and Your Highest Ki,  click here.

Working on Another Person

Next, find someone you have given Reiki to before and practice a complete session on them, intending for the first while that only Threshold reiki flow.  Then after a time, simply intend that all your Reiki and Highest Ki be available to flow to the recipient.  Use any additional guidelines of the class checklist as well. 

Then return to the Class topics.

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"Validating an Attunement Energies."