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In order to save you some time, before you email me please check the following:
1. Are you looking for information on
   -  Reiki Training? How to Book a Class?  Scheduled Classes?  Class Length? 
Course Outlines & Class Fees Fees?
- Then you can Click Here for complete information immediately
   -  Distant Classes? (Home based Internet training)
                    - Click Here for Comments on Distant Training
                    - Click Here for the Enrolling Process and Distant Class Method of Learning

    Please Note: I do not sell attunements alone.
                         I DO teach Reiki classes that include Reiki attunements.

    (You may also use this form to REGISTER for a Scheduled class.)
   Additional links are found via the Blue Buttons Menu at the top of the page.
2. Is this a Request for Healing? - I'm sorry, I only accept requests from the form at the
    Distant Healing Network. - Please Click here for their easy to use request page. Thanks.
3. Are you looking for a local hands-on treatment?
Then visit my Reiki Healers' List for a local healer.  You can Click here for that page.
4. And finally, are you aware this is the web site of  Richard (Rick) Rivard ?
   - I am based in Vancouver/White Rock. BC Canada. 
    (sometimes people think this email form is for someone else )

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