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 Threshold Resources Contact Information

One Moment, Please!! 
In order to save you some time, before you email me please check the following:
1. Are you looking for information on Reiki Training? 
   Currently I am not giving any in person or local classes.
   However distant classes are available and can start when the student wishes.
   Feel free to contact me with questions, for information, and for further training.
2. Is this a Request for Healing? - I'm sorry, I only accept requests from the form at the
    Distant Healing Network. - Please Click here for their easy to use request page. Thanks.
3. Are you looking for a local hands-on treatment?
Then visit my Reiki Healers' List for a local healer.  You can Click here for that page.
4. And finally, are you aware this is the web site of  Richard (Rick) Rivard ?
   - I am based in Vancouver/White Rock. BC Canada. 
    (sometimes people think this email form is for someone else )

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