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Threshold Reiki Training
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Offering Reiki training since 1994 -  Distant/Home based classes since 1997

    2 Recent Books I am reading  --  by Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza.
These books are good examples of how modern science is discovering how alternative healing methods
and New Age ideas occur within the body, thus disproving some very old medical and scientific beliefs.


Last Updated: December 16, 2015
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Note: Class fees are located with each Class Descrption
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Course Information
My Live Class fees are for the Vancouver area (Canada) in-person training.  I usually restrict class size to 6 students so I can give each individual more attention, but I have taught weekend retreats for large classes over 20 in size. Note: some group locations may add a surcharge.

Out of Town and International Classes -- I do teach out of the area and usually ask for compensation for traveling expenses by way of an increased class fee and a minimum numer of students.  Please use the Internet Class Fees for this. I require enough students in a class to be able to justify expenses and time away. The host of a large class can negotiate a personal discount or bonus for organizing the class.  I have taught classes elsewhere in BC and in Canada, as well as in Japan, Madrid, London, south of Spain, Amsterdam, USA and Toronto.

Internet / Distant Classes -- I do teach ALL classes over a distance via my Internet Training (except for Channeling).

Tree Saver Discount-- If you are taking the Distant / Internet Class and choose to use only the Internet class pages for the reference material, you can save on all the Threshold Reiki classes. The on-line class pages duplicate the printed manual and videos, and you can view them on-line at your leisure. If you prefer to work only with the on-line class pages, and not receive the printed manual from me, I will discount the class price. You will still receive a printed certificate upon completion and Master level will receive the videos on CD/DVD.  (Note that paying the regular or TreeSaver fees still gives you access to the on-line class pages.)

Payment Options

There are several ways to you can make payment:

1. Cash or certified Cheque (check)
2. Western Union
3. PayPal
4. Interac Email Money Transfer (only in Canada)
5. MoneyGram

1. CASH: Payment can be made by cash, certified cheque (check) drawn on a Canadian bank, or a money order - all in Canadian funds for Canadian orders, or in US funds for International orders, or the equivalent in your funds plus the cost of exchanging this locally. 

Note: US POSTAL money orders must say International Money Order on them or they cannot be cashed in Canada. 

For in person or live classes, you can pay at the class, unless I request otherwise. 

Out of town classes may require complete payment or a deposit in advance.  Please check with me on those.

2. WESTERN UNION: A very fast and easy way for international students to pay, is via Western Union, which has offices throughout the world. Note that there are now other similar services available, possibly near you.  Just make sure they also have a branch in Vancouver, Canada.  Payments should be made out to "Richard Rivard,"  Canadian funds for Canadian orders, or in US funds for International orders.

Western Union will provide you with a MTCN number.  Please email that to me.

3. PAYPAL: You can use your credit card in advance of the class by sending the payment via PayPal . (Please make the payment in the funds indicated with teh class description
Canadian funds for Canadian orders, or in US funds for International orders,

Payments over the INTERNET are available
in  many currencies such as Canadian Dollars (C$), U.S. Dollars ($),
Euros (€), Pounds Sterling (), and Japanese Yen ().

  Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Transfers 

Just click on PayPal but use

the billing email address I will give you when you contact me

4. INTERAC:  Canadians within Canada can also choose to pay using 

Click here for details on Interac email money transfer

You can click on the interac image for details on this process. It is simple and fast. 
However, do let me know if you plan to use this service.

These and many more Canadian banks and financical institutions offer this service
Click here for details on Interac email money transfer

5. MONEY GRAM:  another very fast and easy way for international students to pay, is via MoneyGram, which has offices throughout the world. For example, in Canada the local Post Office may support MoneyGram transfers.  Payments should be made out to "Richard Rivard,"
- Canadian funds for Canadian orders, or in US funds for International orders,

For answers to any questions on Course Fees please Contact Me (Richard Rivard). 

A receipt, the class manual, and additional handouts will be sent as soon as your payment is received.  You will also be given immediate access to the Class Pages while your printed class material is on it's way to you.

Note: If you are strongly compelled to learn Reiki Level 1, but are truly short of funds (been there, done that), there are several Internet sites that offer free Reiki training over the net.  Simply search using the keywords "Reiki", "Courses" and "Free".  If you still have difficulty, visit my Usui Reiju Gift page and follow the instructions there.  Then follow the link to my Sample Reiki 1 Class pages.


 If you have comments or suggestions, CONTACT ME..  I will try to answer them all.

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