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When I was beginning to help some of my master students to channel, I used to do it one person at a time.  When I tried to help one of my Russian students, she also taped the channeling journey I did in person with her.  She seemed OK with the channeling but after I left she then did something I completely unexpected . 

She called me one day and said that she couldn't channel any more, that each time she tried it was harder than the first time with me.  So I visited her and asked her how she went about trying to channel.  She said she took out her recording device and played the channeling of me and my guides that she recorded the first time we worked together.

Can you guess what her problem was?

Each time she began, and then  played the recording, the intention was to reach the highest guide at that time.  So each time she reached a slightly higher guide.  Then she would try to work with this one, thinking it was the first guide she had connected with.  So she was always trying to integrate a new guide and not working with the original one.  So it was a constant struggle.

Of course I told her to erase the recording and not use use it again.  Also, I suggested she needed to ask for the first guide she connected with and to then work with that guide so she could better integrate it.  After that she was OK. 

Sooooooo.  Please do not repeat her mistake.  smiley

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