Channeling Support
Practicing a Healing Session on a Partner

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- the purpose is to explore several healing energies while working with your highest guide and a normal everyday guide of your healing subject.  If you are interested in exploring additional helaing energies (like Seichim, Magnified Healing, etc.) then these can be added as additional steps or replace others.

- note when I say to do some healing for "a time," I mean to do it for at least a few minutes - longer if you both have time for a longer overall session.  Also, when looking for or asking for messages about your partner, this refers to messages regarding the person's overall health. 
  • begin with your partner sitting in a chair and you standing behind the chair (or sitting behind if you have a disability that makes this difficult.
  • slowly and gently lay your hands on your partner's shoulders (or wherever it is OK with your partner)
  • with this connection, see if you get any inner messages about your partner's needs
  • now scan your partner's overall physical and energy field and mentally note what you sense.
  • next, blend with your highest guide
  • ask if there are any additional messages about your partner from your highest guide
  • scan the person mentally, using your highest guide; see if you notice anything new
  • call on as much of the highest, most beautiful Light you can imagine, through your guide, and let this flow to your partner for a time
  • then ask for this flow to be stopped
  • flow Reiki;  if you are not a Reiki practitioner then ask your highest Guide to reach out to my guides and connect you to my form of Reiki energy;  then allow this Reiki to flow towards your partner for a time.
  • now ask your Guide to bring in greatest amount of Reiki you can hold for a short time and -- and let this flow for about a minute. 
  • then ask for this to be stopped and the flow returned to normal Reiki strength
  • now ask to channel in (blend with) one of your partner’s normal everyday guides through your highest Guide
  • ask this person's guide for any messages about your partner
  • then ask this guide to flow a healing energy through you towards your partner (check to see if it feels OK for you; if not then skip this step or just flow Reiki or Light).  do this for a time.
  • ask this guide to stop
  • now thank this guide and ask it to step out of the blending and to leave; ask your highest Guide to ensure this is so
  • now ask your Highest guide to boost your own Highest Ki, for a short time (a minute or less). 
  • now allow your Highest Ki to flow to your partner for a time
  • next stop this flow.
  • then stop the Reiki flow;  you are now not flowing any energies to your partner.
  • scan your partner again – note if there is any difference from the first scan. 
  • next thank your highest Guide and ask it to stop the blending and step out.
  • end the healing session and revive your partner.
  • share experiences with partner
  • give your partner a few minutes for refreshment or personal needs.
  • then switch places with your partner and your partner repeats this exercise on you.

If you have comments or suggestions, contact me. I will try to answer them all.