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The following articles include examples of some of my class exercises as well as 
my own personal experiences working with guides.  Some of the
New articles are
actually from my other pages, and can also relate to channeling work
Channeling Reiki Without an Attunement Ceremony
One of the exercises I add into my channeling class is an energy healing one where students work with their highest guides in presenting healing energies to a class partner.   

Channeling a Healing Specialist Guide

One of the things I was telling students in  a recent the Reiki class was that I find that as we get on this energy/spiritual path, the universe will not only support us but often might even provide validation of our abilities or experiences from time to time.

Bridge of Light to Trust
I still use a modified version of this meditation in my channeling classes as the first exercise.  I've since added working with what I call a "friend guide" as part of it, and the rest of the class.

Experiencing a Satori 

One of my early channeling enlightening type of experiences

My Path to Teaching Conscious Channeling

How I become a channeling teacher and resource

Channeling New Energies 

How I discovered I could do this with my HIghest Guide's help

The Unified Chakra
(increasing your ability to flow more energy)

How we grow to become a greater source of Light for others

Guides and Masters
Channeling as an artist

The next article can be used with "Light" or other healing energies
instead of "Reiki";  just blend with your highest guide 
and perform some of the tasks susggested.
Light in Everday Life

Highest Ki Exercise
Working with your guides to develop your own natural energy

Guide Songs
How the songs you notice may be your guides attracting your attention

Daily Practice
Making channeling part of your daily life

Different Strokes
Not everyone is intended to use channeling for readings

A Simple Daily Activity
a few easy ways to use your channeling skills each day

Assist With Inspiration
A channeled quick exercise to bring in some new ideas.

Receiving New Energies
Some of my experiences with channeling healing energies

Here are some other energies you can ask your highest guide
to assist you to channel or permanently connect with.
Alternative Healing Methods

Task Oriented Guides
Guides may wish to be involved in certain parts of your life

Setting & Holding a Space
Using your guides to enhance the energy of a space

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some daily channeling inspiration

Opening to Channel