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Reiki Training Paths Explored

Last Updated: December 14, 2002
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The concept of "Reiki Lineage" is often thought to be important.  But in Japan if you asked an old Reiki student their lineage they would simply reply "Usui."  To find out who their actual teacher was you would have to ask that specific question. 

I've been very fortunate to have many teachers since my study of Reiki and the teachings of Mikao Usui Sensei began in 1992.  I seem to have been drawn to a different one each time I felt ready for a new level of training.   And just when I felt I could experience no more, a new and irresistible opportunity would land in my lap.  The result has been a path through many Reiki styles - Western, Japanese, traditional and original, and a meeting of some Reiki teachers with some very interesting Reiki experiences.

Rather than list my teachers, it seemed more interesting and instructinve to show the lineage of each of my teachers going back to Usui Sensei.  In this way, the diagram demonstrates that ALL Reiki practitioners can trace their training history back to Mikao Usui.  Also, it shows how some lineages follow the original "inner" or spiritual school of Usui Sensei, called "Usui-Do"  while others have followed more of the "outer" or healing side which came to be known as "Usui Reiki Ryoho." There is definitely a Reiki path for each of us.

Therefore, in one sense, Reiki practitioners are all practicing an Usui system of one form or other. I do acknowledge that some Reiki practitioners have been guided to add additional energies and techniques into their Reiki sessions and classes. 

Note that both of Usui Sensei's senior students,  Eguchi-sensei and Hayashi-sensei, were originally teaching "inner"  and "outer"  styles.  After 1931 Hayashi-sensei seemed to drop the inner side.

To Read the diagram below, you can find my own levels of Reiki training listed at the bottom and then simply follow the links back up to Usui Sensei.  In some cases you may even find someone in your own lineage. 

For my Reiki certificates of completion, click here.

Training History of Richard Rivard

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