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Threshold Experiences

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Experienced Menu Exploring Variations Of Reiki Energy  (With 2 Energies From Mr. Doi)

Last Updated: October 18, 2017

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- Threshold Experiencese -
These pages are a series where I share personal experiences related to my Reiki and energy work.  The pages are also intended to give you some "food for thought" and add to your overall energy work knowledge base.  While the experiences have been my own, I feel that you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content has any usefulness to your own energy work. 

Teaching my Children Reiki Aura Surgery Experiences My Path to Teaching Conscious Channeling
Experiencing a Satori  Channeling New Energies H.Do Distant Attunements Work?
Guides and Masters Usui Offers a Gift Vortex Connection
Task Oriented Guides Usui Memorial Photos
The Unified Chakra Source of my Reiki 3 Symbol Energy Distant Attunements With Doi and Tanaka
Charging a Room and Co-Workers with Reiki and Light Totems or Power Animals
The Origin of Threshold Reiki
Hot and Cold Reiki  H Exploring Variations of Reiki Yamaguchi-sensei
Medicine Buddha Source of my Reiki 2 Symbol Energies Channeling Reiki Without an Attunement Ceremony 
The Komyo Reiki Energy Pets and Their Transitions    Channeling a Healing Specialist Guide 
Reiki and Animals

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