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Last Updated: December 29, 2007
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My Gendai Reiki Ho teacher Hiroshi Doi-sensei explained that the Healing Guide was intended as a resource for new students who were unable to simply scan or sense the area of need in a patient or themselves. 

He explained that in the old Reiki society, as a Shoden student (Reiki 1) you would have been presented with this table as a guide to healing.   But shortly thereafter you would have been taught Byosen Reiki Ho (scanning) and then eventually with Reiji Ho - which are both became the URR Gakkai's preferred ways of healing. 

A good source for photos of the the "Ryoho Shishon" or Healing Guide is Arjava Petter's book "Original Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui" available from Amazon.com  (Note: the complete handbook is actually spread out through out Arjava's books.)

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Guide To A Method of Healing
(Ryoho Shishin)

Page 19     
    1. Basic treatment of body parts.
  Head area Forehead (hairline), general area, temples (temple) general area Back of the head area, neck area, crown area, stomach, intestines.
  Lowering Fever Same as before (head area), however, treat the source of the disease itself.
  Eye eye, inner eye corner, outer eye corner, neck area cranial neck vertebrae C1,2, 3.)
Page 20    
  Nose nose bone, nose flares, between eyebrows, neck area (cranial neck vertebrae C1,2, 3.)
  Ear ear canal, front part and back part of ear, cranial neck vertebrae C1.
  Mouth cover mouth without touching lips.
  Tongue top side of tongue, root of the tongue (most likely from the outside, neck, under the chin).
  Throat thyroid cartridge, neck area.
  Lung lung area, back, inside of shoulder blade, Thoracic vertebrae T2, T3, T4, T5 T6.
  Heart heart area, cranial neck vertebrae C5, C6, C7. Thoracic vertebrae T1, T2, T3, T4, T5.
Page 21    
  Liver Liver area, Thoracic vertebrae T8, T9, T10. (especially right hand side)
  Stomach stomach area, Thoracic vertebrae T4, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10
  Intestine ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon area, small intestine area, (navel point area), Thoracic vertebrae T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, Lumber vertebrae L2, L3, L4, L5, buttocks.
  Bladder bladder area, Lumber vertebrae L4, L5.
  Uterus uterus area and both sides of it, Thoracic vertebrae T9, T10, T11, T12, Lumber vertebrae L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, sacrum, coccyx.
Page 22     
  Kidney Kidney area, Thoracic vertebrae T11, T12
  Half Body Treatment neck muscles, shoulders, back muscles, both sides of the vertebrae, waist area, hip area.
  Tanden treatment under the navel, also the area 3 finger widths down.
Page 23    
    2. Nerve Disease
(Nerve Weakness)
head area, eye, heart, stomach, intestines, reproductive organs, affected area, half body.
  Hysteria same as before
  Cerebral Anemia head, stomach and intestine, heart.
  Cerebral Hemorrhage same
  Meningitis same
  Encephalitis same
  Headache head area (especially temples)
Page 24     
  Insomnia head area (especially back of head)
  Dizziness head area (especially forehead area)
  Cerebral Apoplexy (palsy) head area (especially affected side) heart, stomach and intestine, kidney, paralyzed area.
  Epilepsy Head area , stomach and intestines
  Dancing Disease (Chorea) head area , heart, affected area, palms, sole of feet, half body.
  Basedow symptoms: eyes are bulging out) 
head area , eye, thyroid, heart, uterus, half body.
  Nerve Pain (Paralysis) head area , stomach and intestine (improve bowel movement) affected area
Page 25    
  Hiccups diaphragm, forehead, cranial neck vertebrae C3, C4, C5
  Laryngitis forehead and temples, (mainly left hand side), throat area.
  Shoulder Arm Syndrom (if you keep writing - pain in neck), head area, elbow, thumb
  Tinnitus ears, head area
Page 26    
    3. Respiratory Diseases
  Bronchitis Bronchi, Trachea, coughing, throat, chest area, affected area
  Asthma Head area, chest area, heart cavity, throat, nose, heart
  Tuberculosis Head area, lung area, stomach and intestines, heart, tanden
  Pleurisy Head area, affected area, stomach and intestines, tanden
  Pneumonia Head area, heart, affected area, tanden
Page 27    
  Hemoptysis Affected lung area
  Nose Bleed Nose
  Ozena Nose, forehead or depression of chin
Page 28     
    4. Digestive System Diseases
  Various diseases of esophagus
    Esophagus, heart cavity area, stomach, intestines
  Stomach diseases Gastritis, gastric ulcer, stomach cancer, stomach convulsion, dilation of stomach, gastroptosis
Head Area, heart cavity area, stomach and intestines
  Inflammation of the intestine intestine ulcer, diarrhea, constipation, et cetera
Stomach and intestines
  Appendicitis Affected area (mainly right hip bone cavity), head area, stomach and intestines
Page 29    
  Parasites in intestines Head area, intestine
  Hemorrhoids Anus
  Abdominal edema Head area, Belly area
  Peritonitis Head area, affected area, tanden???
  Jaundice Head area, stomach, intestines, liver, heart
  Chololithiasis Liver (where pain is), stomach and intestine
  Hernia Affected area (herniated part), intestine wall
Page 30     
    5. Circulatory/Cardiovascular Diseases
  Myocarditis Head area, heart, liver, kidney, bladder
  Endocarditis Heart
  Edema Heart, liver, kidney, bladder
  Arteriosclerosis Head area, heart, kidney, stomach and intestines, tanden
  High Blood Pressure Same as before
  Crest Heart Disease
Head, heart, stomach and intestine, area of pain
  Beriberi Heart, stomach and intestines, leg area
Page 31     
    6. Metabolic and Blood Diseases
  Anemia Treat source of disease, head, heart, kidney, stomach and intestine, half body
  Purpura Head area, heart, kidney, stomach and intestine, spots, tanden
  Scurvy Head area, lung area, heart, kidney, stomach and intestine, half body, tanden
  Diabetes Head area, heart, liver, pancreas, stomach and intestine, kidney, bladder (half body, rub upwards against vertebrae)
Page 32    
  Fat (obesity) Heart, kidney, stomach and intestines, half body
  Gout Heart, kidney, bladder, stomach and intestine, tanden, pain area
  Heat Stroke Head area, heart, chest area, stomach and intestine, kidney, tanden
Page 33     
    7. Urinary Diseases
  Nephritis Kidney, heart, bladder, Stomach and Intestines
  Pyelitis Kidney, bladder, tanden
  Kidney Stones Kidney, stomach, intestines, bladder, pain area
  Uremia Head area, eyes, stomach, intestines, heart, kidney, bladder, tanden
  Cystitis Kidney, bladder
  Bladder Stones Kidney, bladder, pain area
  Bed Wetting Head area (crown area) bladder, kidney
Page 34    
  Anuria Kidney, bladder, urethra
Page 35    
    8. Surgical and Dermatological Diseases
  Wound Affected area (if excessive bleeding, use technique to stop bleeding)
  Fireburn, Iceburn Affected area (treat with a distance until pain goes away)
  Sprain, Blow Affected area
  Inflammation in Lymph Glands Affected area, tanden
  Fracture Affected area (give Reiki over fixed bandage)
  Splinter Affected area
Page 36    
  Dislocation Affected area
  Beriostitis, Osteomyelitis, Arthritis, Muscle inflammation
    Affected area, tanden
  Muscular Rheumatism head area, pain area, stomach, intestines, (enhance the bowel movements)
  Vertebrae, Caries (TB of the spine)
Head area, affected area, tanden
  Scoliosis affected area
  Pain in Vertebrae Marrow (lupus?)
    Heart cavity diaphragm, head area, tanden, pain and troubled area
Page 37    
  Unconscious-ness Heart, Head area, drowned person - let them throw up water
  Various Rashes, Hives Tanden, affected area
  Allergy Stomach, intestines, tanden, affected area
  Baldness Head area, stomach, intestines, affected area, tanden
  Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) Head area, stomach, intestines, tanden, affected area, bladder
  Fungus Poison Head area, stomach, intestines, tanden, affected area
Page 38    
    9. Pediatric Diseases
  Colic (night crying) Head area, stomach, intestines
  Measles Head area, stomach, intestines, heart, rash area
  German Measles Same as before
  Whooping Cough Head area, stomach, intestines, heart, lung, throat, heart cavity area
  Polio Head area, stomach, intestines, vertebrae numbness area
  Tonsillitis Affected area
Page 39    
    10. Gynecological Diseases
  Various Diseases in the Uterus
    Uterus area 
  Through Pregnancy Uterus, (If you treat the womb, the fetus grows healthy and delivery is easy)
  Time of Delivery Sacrum area, lower abdomen area
  Morning Sickness Head area, uterus, stomach, Intestines, diaphragm
  Various Symptoms On Mother's Breast
  ExtraUterine Pregnancy) Head area, uterus, Pain area
Page 40    
    11. Contagious Diseases
  Typhoid Fever Head Area, Heart, stomach, intestines, spleen, tanden, (be careful with attached disease and treat it)
  Paratyphus Same as before
  Dysentery Head area, Heart, stomach, intestines, tanden
  Infant Diarrhiea Same as before
  Diphtheria Head area, throat, heart, chest area, stomach, intestines, kidney, tanden, (inject blood serum)
Page 41    
  Cholera Head area, stomach, intestines, heart, tanden
  Scarlet Fever Head area, mouth, throat, heart, stomach, intestines, kidney, tanden, scarlet coloured area
  Influenza Head area, heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, tanden, Half body, pain area
  Epidemic Cerebrospinal Meningitis Head area, neck area, eyes heart, stomach, intestines, kidneys, bladder, spinal cord, (mainly cerebral vertebrae), tanden, hard area, or stiff area
  Malaria Head area, heart, stomach, intestines, liver, spleen, tanden, you better treat about 1 hour before convulsion
Page 42    
  St. Anthony's Fire (Erysipelas) Head area, heart area, stomach, intestines, tanden, affected area
  Tetanus Head area, heart area, stomach, intestines, tanden, wound area, pain area.
Page 43 - BLANK PAGE  

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