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 Last Updated: June 8, 2020
An Inspirational Thought
"To live as your soul, start imagining that you are your soul. Ask yourself,
"What would my soul do in this situation? What is my soul's purpose today?
As you ask these questions and pretend you are your soul, you bring it closer to you.."

from Soul Love  --  (looking for an Open to Channel class? - Click here)
Some Good Resources to Explore
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Reiki Students
Here are some videos from that can help you understand techniques like Nentatsu HoSeiheki Chiryo Ho / as well as the
Reiki & Affirmations exercises
* The Original method of Prayer/Feeling and it's use to remedy a drought
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Author Dr. Joe Dispenza (from "What the Bleep Do We Know?") talks with Lilou Mace on "Mysticism & Activate Your Pineal Gland."  Joe explains how his latest seminars are teaching people to manifest actual changes in their lives (including healings) right in the seminar.
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* Abraham-Hicks offers advice to all healers and healing practitioners
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*An Example of Healing of Tumor in Real Time Using Affirmations and Visualisation.

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* Masaru Emoto's Examples of How Words and Thoughts Affect Water.
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* Authors Bruce Lipton (stem cell researcher and teacher) and Wayne Dyer (well published psychologist and self help speaker)
share some very amazing experiences and knowledge in this Hay House video.
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MindLight  Meditation

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This will bring up a free sample of the book.

Next, scroll down through the
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"Mind Light Meditation"

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Are you looking for another simple idea or meditation useful for manifesting things in your life, turning situations around, or just bringing some peace into your day?  Maybe you've tried my Light Technique below and now you are looking for another simple idea using Light. This meditation involves some playfulness with Light  between your hands, causing you to hold a greater focus of your chosen subject. I had an immediate positive experience with this and you might too. 
My Other Resource Pages are
Creating Triangles


This is a really interesting yet simple method of Light Work from LaUna Huffines (Bridge of Light) involving working with the power of threes

As the site suggests, "Add light and love and power for humanity. Create a triangle with two other people and participate in this global group work to heal our world. Triangles are a magnificent way to bring about positive change. As your triangle links into the network of Triangles, it adds to the channel of light flowing from the Ultimate to the minds and hearts of humanity."

You can join the Triangles of Light page, meet 2 other Light Workers and begin to share your Light Work with others around the world.

Orin's Meditation Room

There are many short meditations presented by Orin, given through Sanaya Roman, for you to listen to to expand your consciousness and to experience more light in your life.  Get quiet for a moment, and decide which area you want to work on.  Select a meditation to listen to by clicking on a meditation title in the picture below.  Each meditation is about 3-4 minutes long, so relax, enjoy, and join us for a moment of quiet reflection and light.
Cutting Edge Ascension Techniques 28 techniques channeled by Dr. Joshua David Stone from Ascended Master Djwhal Khul on how to enhance your Light Body growth. This page is an energy junkie's delight - the first time I tried to get through all of these in one night (a decade or so ago) I could only hold up to the 16th technique <phew>. 

The late Dr. Stone's current web site no longer has these pages - the link is an archived version.

The Abraham Material
Just a few of the 
Abraham books available ......

A New Beginning 1

A New Beginning 2


Sara and Seth

Sara, Book 3

Ask and It is Given
Many more Abraham books, videos, CDs at Amazon

Interested in buying?
(view all Abraham Hicks products)

If you liked the wisdom of Orin and DaBen (Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer) you will probably find the channeled works of the Abraham group (Esther Hicks) to be equally helpful and interesting. Besides the 2 books called A New Beginning (I and II), they have 2 fictional works called Sara and Sara and Seth that easily get across their ideas to children and adults alike. 

I found I could get my teenage daughters to read these last 2 and then to not only have discussions with me, but to remind me from time to time about some of the advice of wise old Solomon

For book details, click on the book covers to the left. 

If you are unable to attend their workshops, they have great quarterly excerpts from them at their SCIENCE OF DELIBERATE CREATION, QUARTERLY JOURNAL

I especially like the featured article from the Oct/Nov/Dec 2000 pages called An Introduction to the Art of Allowing. And catch the latest journal as well.

Ongoing, Nadya and I (and my youngest daughter) have been enjoying the book Ask and It is Given as well as the Well Being Cards.  The cards provide a daily source of inspiration while the book gives some great exercises to work on issues in your life.

Well Being Cards

Awakening Your Light Body

This is a very simple yet powerful process to guide you in exploring the energies of the Light Body field.  Although it involves a 12 week tape course, you simply have to listen to the tapes, and Orin and DaBen will do the rest. Even people who thought they had no energy skills at all were impressed with how well this course works. Even before completion, the skills can be used in your everyday life. And afterwards, there are several graduate course that take you farther along the path of integrating your Light Body into your daily life.

Higher Self and Soul - Are They Different?

Often thought of as the same thing, Orin describes the difference as the Guides perceive it on the Higher Planes. He also provides an exercise to work with your Soul.
Metatron Channellings (This link is no longer active but I did save the article for you).

An explanation of the Light Body and the effects on the physical body that we are experiencing.  This article covers a lot of the info that is in the book "What is :Light Body" by Tashira Tachi-ren. 

Unified Chakra

Chakra Diagram.JPG (36608 bytes)
This is a simple meditation, from the book "What is Light Body?" by Tashira Tachi-Ren and can be a great way to increase your ability to hold energy.  The process helps to combine or overlap your chakras, and then your energy bodies.  The result is that energy will now spread out through your entire system (instead of localizing) and you will be able to hold more. 
What is Light Body?  .
In my experience, the beginning of this process was quite startling, and fortunately was witnessed by friends (including a clairvoyant).  It began with a column of Light in the heart centre that grew in all dimensions for several days.  See the Chakras page for more info on the changes you will experience.

For more interesting products and tools, visit The Center for Conscious Ascension Tools and Techniques

Merkabah Animation

The link to this site is no longer active but I did save the graphic. I think the originator's new page is at

It's a nice animation showing the dual motion of the merkahbah sacred geometry. 

Click on the picture to see the ROTATING full size version.

Notice how the shapes spin in different directions, depending on which corner you are looking at. Try looking about an inch away from the corners.

The Merkabah Vehicle is part of the Light Body and can be used for teleportation.  You can see it faintly outlined in the Light Body picture at the top of this page.There are several web sites that talk about it, how to activate it and it's use.

Opening to Channel



For my money, this is the most powerful shortcut a person can learn in advancing their spiritual growth  and energy work.  Many people are able to consciously channel simply by doing the 4 very simple meditations in the book.  The book is essentially a complete support and information guide - a "what is it?",  a "how to do it" and a "what to do with it" information resource. Also, there are a number of tapes available to assist you in the process at home.

In my Reiki work, I sometimes assist my master level students in making this connection so they can ask for increased energies, and new ones to suite their own spiritual path.

I also teach this style of channeling

Gabriel Speaks

Channellings of the Archangel Gabriel (one of my own favourite "friends") on the 7th Ray, the Light Body and the New Age

also see
Gabriel's Overview of 2019
for a forecast of what to expect in the coming months related to the shifting energies we are experiencing. Some of us find we are operating about 6 months or so ahead of the forecast.  This reminds of the old saying that you can tell who the pioneers are by the arrows or spears in their backs <smile> 
Gabriel's Overview of 2018

The Pattern

A wonderful book by Lynnclaire Dennis about her near-death experience in a high altitude balloon.  She encounters this incredible energy and after a long time is finally able to recall it's multi-dimensional aspects.  When viewed from different angles it reminds many spiritual people of icons in their own belief systems. The energy the symbol gives off feels very sparkling and heart centered to me.

Click on the picture to see the ROTATING full size version.

For more information on the Pattern, go to  The Pattern Geometry
For Lynnclaire's current web site, go to Essence Illumined
The Pattern has been renamed The Mereon Matrix

Soul Love: Awakening Your Heart Centers

Soul Love

Once you have begun working on the Unified Chakra, Soul Love is a great process to begin as well.  Or you can try it just by itself. It will definitely open and expand your Heart Centre.

The techniques of Soul Love lead you to call upon your Soul, overlap your own heart centre with it's heart centre, run the pure Love of your Soul through you, and then learn to Soul Link with others (forming Wheels of Light) and ultimately with large groups (like the gridwork of Light workers on the planet, or the plant kingdom).  You may discover your heart centre grows larger than your physical body.

I found that I was drawn to continue onwards and  to call in my Monad (like your Soul's Soul, or Soul Family) and allow it to slowly work it's way down to my heart centre. 

What is "Sharing from the Heart?"

Light Technique

Feeling overwhelmed by all of this?  Start simple with this easy yet powerful method to draw Light to you and radiate it to others.  You can also just shower yourself with Light (Rainbow Light is great, Solar Light is wonderful.)

Hi Energy Attunement

To top off your day, go to my Usui Reiju Gift page and sit for a minute to receive a strong healing attunement. This is one energy you can use daily on yourself and others.
creating your Highest Future Room
Living With Joy
Personal Power
Spiritual Growth

Creating Money
Opening to Channel
Soul Love
Soul Love
Looking for a little daily stimulation? This is a great page to get a quick minute's guidance. Simply click on one of the books to the left and this will take you to the LuminEssence page and start you off with an exert from that book.  Then choose any book over and over.. 

Interested in buying?
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These books are available in several languages. 
See this page

The Monroe Institute

Journeys Out Of Body

Far Journeys

Ultimate Journey

Finding The Light

By Monroe's Student
  Cosmic Journeys
Robert Monroe experienced very interesting sensations in the late 1950's that resulted in Out of Body experiences.  He became very adept and he thoroughly documented each experience. The events he describes in his first book "Journeys Out Of Body" are very different from those I have read about in recent years.  His 2nd book "Far Journeys" describes incredible experiences by him and his associates; especially considering he does not seem to have been aware of other metaphysical books by other authors.  His experiences validate a lot of the channeled works I have read, and present a very interesting first hand viewpoint of the nonphysical realm. "Ultimate Journey" takes us even further into the usefulness of Out Of Body practice.  I recommend these books (especially "Far Journeys" ) to anyone interested in a different perspective on Astral Projection.

Interested in buying?

The Seth Books
    by Jane Roberts

Just a few of the Seth / Jane Roberts
books available .....

Seth Speaks

The Nature of 
Personal Reality
Adventures in Consciousness
Many more Seth books available at Amazon
Seth Speaks was the key catalyst to unlocking my creative mind and opening me up to metaphysical and New Age concepts.

I read the book in 1975 and it took my analytical mind an entire year just to process and get through the book. Over the years it led me to read the entire Jane Robert's collection, including related books. Seth set the framework for my revised view of the nature of reality and how I could live my life each day.  Each time I re-read any of the Seth books I get new insight into my life and our reality.

For those who found Seth's works a bit difficult to read, he did channel a self help book titled "The Nature of Personal Reality."  Or Jane's books about "The Education of Oversoul 7" are an even easier and delightful read for all.

Jane went on to produce several works of her own, due to greater influence by Seth and her own evolving abilities to channel.  I quite enjoyed her explanations of reality in her book "Adventures in Consciousness."


The Wisdom Codes:
Ancient Words to Rewire Our Brains
and Heal Our Hearts
Gregg Braden

Wisdom CodesNew discoveries in biology and the neurosciences are revealing how the structure of language-the words we think and speak-can actually change the way the neurons in our brains and hearts connect. But our ancestors understood this connection intuitively, thousands of years ago. They created specific word-patterns to provide comfort, healing, strength, and inner power in difficult times, and they encoded these powerful words in prayers, chants, mantras, hymns, and sacred writings to preserve them for future generations.I am finding it a fascinating read and I think it is well worth yours, no matter what your heritage may be.  However these days I find myself relying more on the use of various frequencies of energy to achieve similar effects.
Quantum Jumps:
An Extraordinary Science of
Happiness and Prosperity

Cynthia Sue Larson

Quantum JumpsAfter spending a lot of time reading and watching videos of Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza (the 3 Amigos) Nadya and I began to watch videos of other authors and scientists. One evening we caught a interview (by Regina Meredith of Cynthia Sue Larson.) Her talk on some of the new science inspired us to purchase the Kindle version of her book, Quantum Jumos. 

In the video I liked her version of the concept of the Mandela effect and how science now understands that aprticles can suddenly disappear and re-appear, how it is possible to shift into a probable reality, how objects sometimes do this, the amzing expereinces around the placebo effect, and more.

Much of these concepts are not new to me, as they were dealt with in great detail in Jane Robert's"Seth" books years ago.  Yet to see these now presented not so much in a metaphysical light but in the experiments and documentation of modern science, is quite exciting news for anyone intersted in what we used to call New Age concepts.

I've just begun this book but will come back and share some of what I learn and what I thought of the book. Note that as with many modern authors now, yuo can find interviews on

Reality Shifts
When Consciousness Changes
The Physical World

Cynthia Sue Larson

Reality ShiftsAnother really good book I am reading is again by Cynthia Sue Larson, this one describing common everyday mystical event that happen to most of us, but now in the light of what we know about the Quantum Field. Keys don't stay put, wallets transport to different places, and socks go missing from the laundry. We observe reality shifts when things appear, disappear, transform or transport and when we experience changes in time. Reality shifts range from the sublime (missing socks and synchronicity) to completely astonishing (the dead seen alive again; objects appearing out of thin air; spontaneous remission; traveling far in a very short time). Learn how to live lucidly to create a life you love, positively influence the future and the past, and transform sabotage into strength.

The Early Sessions:
Journals 1 - 9 of the Seth Materiual
by Jane Roberts
Introduction and Notes by Roert F. Butts

The Early SessionsIf you are or were an avid follower of the Seth material channeled by the late Jane Roberts from the 1960s into the 1980s, you might not be aware of these additional books made available in the 1990s.  They contain the original material channeled by Jane, along with her husband Rob's wonderful notes, session by session with nothing left out. Essentially they are Rob's carefully noted journals of each and every Seth session Jane channeled in those early years. And yes, they contain material I cannot recall coming across in any of the Seth dictated books.  So for me it is quite a delight and yet another set of mind expanding experiences and concepts to ponder on.

Currently I am on Book 9.
And much like my first book ("Seth Speaks") read in 1975 I am having to go along at times at a very slow pace as I try to digest what Seth is sharing. Seth continues to unfold not only how our own reality works, but talks about other realties that our greater self explores.  In one case, I was actually personally familiar with the topic - that of alternate realities and beings from there - as I had learned of these in my "Awakening Your Light Body" work.  Plus I was actually introducing students to their own such connections in my Conscious Channeling classes.

The original published material began as a result of Jane's methods in exploring and writing about ESP concepts, mainly for her non fiction work titled "How to Develop Your ESP Powers" (later renamed "The Coming of Seth.")   Jane then included some of the original channeled material in her book "The Seth Material." 
However, once Seth decided to dictate a series of books, beginning with "Seth Speaks," much of the personal material was left out.  Fortunately these were also released in a series I plan to get into later called "The Personal Sessions," a set of 7 journals kept by Rob and also published in the 1990s.  Previously all this material was left to a university's archives, but Rob worked together with one of Jane's students, Rick Stack and had the material published. 

At Amazon all the journals are in Kindle E-reader format but at Rick Stack's web site you can purchase the printed books, and for a reasonable price.

. .
Past Books or Projects I've Explored
With the Covid 19 virus currently overtaking the world I have been motivated to go back and reread some of my Seth Books. 
Nature of the Psyche

The Nature of the Psych

Its Humand Expression
(a Jane Roberts/Robert Butts/Seth Book)
Mass Events
The Individual and the

Nature of Mass Events
(a Jane Roberts/Robert Butts/Seth Book)

Click Here for more on the Seth Books on this page
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Becoming Supernatural:
How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon

by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Becoming-SupernaturalA good companion book to Bruce Lipton's work (see below), Joe Dispenza, along with Bruce and Greg Braden type themselves as the "Three Amigos" in terms of their modern rendition of the science behind New Age and Alternative Therapies understanding.  In Joe's case, he runs seminars taking some of these science/new age ideas and applying them to seminar participants.  He offers not only some powerful results in healing as well as life changes, but also  graphics and diagrams taken during the week long seminars showing actual brain and energy activity and changes within the body. 
Like Bruce, in this Joe also discusses recently discoveries in science in this 2017 book. One of them is on the nature of how particles can suddenly disappear and reappear, and it surprisingly matched what I had just read in the 1966 Book 6 of the Seth channeled "The Early Sessions."  I had to wonder once again "How does science actually prove such a thing?"  :-)
As with Bruce's book, I am continuing to explore this updated knowledge, comparing his techniques to ideas I teach, and picking up some very useful methods plan to share.  In fact my wife and I are also trying out each of the methods explained.  Joe even makes th key meditations and techniques available as videos or audios on web sites like Google Play and  Very handy indeed.  As I type this I believe Joe may actually be teaching this seminar in downtown Vancouver. Unfortunately it is sold out

The Biology of Belief
Unleasing the Power of Consciousness, Matter
and Miracles

by Dr. Bruce Lipton

Becoming-SupernaturalScience finally meets New Age.  Bruce Lipton, a noted stem cell researcher, explains much of the more recent scientific discoveries from around the turn of the century that debunk main stream science in terms of our bodies and health, and actually supports many New Age/Metaphysical  beliefs and Alternative Medicine experiences.  One good example is the video in the left panel with Bruce and Wayne Dyer.  You can find many more of his interesting videos on 
Bruce takes us through his own transitions of belief as his and other's research began to demonstrate how things like the membrane of each cell tends to be influenced daily by our own environment - meaning mostly by our thoughts and feelings, as well as the world around us, and not just on the nature of our genes. In fact some areas previously thought to be gene related are in fact not thought of that way any more. There is lots of detail shared for those of an analytical nature, but also the book is simple enough in many ways for others to read and understand.  The 2009 book adds to much more oomph to modern New age dogma.  I find it a fascinating read.
Understanding and Managing Your Pain

I was thinking about how some family members and students go through what appear to be unexplained headaches, body aches and pains, dizziness, and many other symptoms.  All this in spite of using healing energies like Reiki, or receiving other types of ongoing therapy. Then I recalled reading about such "mutations" that can appear as a person continues to develop the spiritual side of his or her being. 

lb_graphics/Transitions-Denise-Le-Fay--https://deniselefay.wordpress.comToday my wife Nadya was showing me how Firefox Pocket works and I used it by "Exploring" pages using the search term "Ascension Topics."  I was intrigued by the topic
Kundalini Rising & Rewiring Process written by Denise Le Fay.  As she states,
"This article is for the people who may not be familiar with how Ascension related Kundalini energy feels and also how the Rewiring Process feels in the body......
Most all old school esoteric teachings don’t work for us now or reflect what we’re living through in our current lives and times because of the Ascension Process."

The article reminded me of similar information I had read in the book
"What is Light Body?" by Tashira Tachi-Ren, especially in the section titled "Eighth Level of Lightbody" where the experience of "mutations" is discussed. 
At the eighth level of Lightbody, the pituitary and the pineal gland, generally about the size of a pea, begin to grow and change shape. As they grow, sometimes you will feel pressure in your head. You may or may not have headaches off and on through this process. If you have a really bad mutational headache, understand that the you on the upper dimensions that is assisting you in this mutation cannot feel your physical pain.......Next say, "Please release endorphins." These are a natural brain opiate that allows the pain to ease off.

Either resource is a good place to check out if you are wondering what these pains may be about, and how to deal with them.

Another method I have tried or recommended successfully is to imagine the pain or headache as healing energy, and then intend to send it down your arms and legs, then out the fingers and toes to someone (or a group) that could use this energy for their life or current condition.  The intention shifts the energy to that of a healing frequency and is then available for the target person's wellness.  You could also send it to your future self a short time from now.
The Messengers
A true Story of Angelic Presence and
the Return to the Age of Miracles
Julia Ingram, G.W. Hardin, Nick Bunnick
The Education of OverSoul 7 I work with my Guides and teach channeling so I Love how my Guides and Higher Self will play with me.  The number 4 has always been sort of special for me, and often I will see triple numbers like 111 or 555, but 444 is often very important.  Usually they are my Guides' ways of telling me they are there.  One night recently (May 2014) I was doing Qigong exercises in our bedroom when my eye caught and held onto a book in one of Nadya's bookshelves.  (I often wonder why I don't read some that she buys, until years later.)  I had to stop and see what it was.  It was this book!  What drew my attention was the chapter called "The 444s".  I found myself reading the entire book as the first part is a great example of how our Spirit Friends may work with us to get our attention, and the 2nd part is a journal of several past life regressions of Nick Bunick as his life as Saul/St. Paul.  In "Seth Speaks" I had learned back in the '70's that Paul would return in these times with a different agenda.  The book image is from the original one at Amazon but I've linked the image to the updated book with 5 new chapters. (I'll have to get that one.)
And while reading the book I even had a fun example, in terms of Guide Play.  I decided to pick my own numbers for the weekly lottery draw
(normally I let the computer do this). I get 3 sets of 7 numbers for $5 but can only pick the first set.  So I picked a combination that would show a 4 at least 4 times in a row - 04 05 07 14 34 44 49 - adding in my birth month, day and year 05/07/49 and this year (14).  Interestingly, the additional computer picks also ended in 49. Upon checking the results I found that each of the 3 sets won a prize, as the winning numbers were   05 07 29 35  39 41 49.  An early birthday surprise!  How's that for some Spirit fun? smiley
Secrets of Energy, Magick & Manifestation
Silver Ravenwolf
The Education of OverSoul 7 Some time ago I came across an excerpt from this book on the Alchemical Mage pages.  The meditation was called Mind Light and I've linked it in the column to the left as a good resource. I had some immediate success with this and so I ordered the book.  Already, just in the first few chapters I am pleased with it as Silver has a lot of really good ideas for working with Light, affirmations and meditations.  She shares her own experiences and results as well as those of her friends.  If one doesn't do the trick for you perhaps the next one will.  Each chapter focuses on a different purpose for meditation so there are many flavours to choose from. .
The Education of Oversoul Seven
Jane Roberts

The Education of OverSoul 7 I recently loaned this book to a good friend.  I have an extra copy, and following some guided messages I decided I would re-read it as well. It's a very good explanation, in story format, of the nature of time and space and how all time is simultaneous. It also demonstrates the concepts of Soul and multiple lifetimes in very interesting ways, using the personalities in the story. Since I've read this book a few times since the late 1970's, I was surprised at how much more useful and meaningful it was for me this time around.  This is another good book that can be recommended to someone looking to understand ideas like reincarnation and higher aspects of our own being.  Note that originally this was just the first book (most used copies will be that one.)  If you buy the current version it now comes with the 2 additional books in the series;  "The Further Education of Oversoul Seven" and "Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time."

Click Here for more on the Seth Books on this page
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The Celestine Vision
James Redfield

Celestine Prophecy
The Celestine Prophecy

The Tenth Insight
The Tenth Insight

The Secret of Shamballa
The Secret of Shambala

The Twelfth Insight
The Twelfth Insight

I read these books when they first appeared beginning in 1995. The Celestine Prophecy became a long time international best seller and it seemed to mark a sort of spiritual awakening, like a new wave of understanding that had begun to reach many people.  Suddenly you weren't the only one who understood coincidence, auras, etc. as people around you were tuning into this experience. Each book, told in a story format, goes a little deeper into the search for inner potential, inner understanding.  And even now, they are still a very good introduction  for newcomers to this awakening phenomenon.

In the late spring of 2013 I felt the urge to read the first 3 books once again.  Each helped me once again understand some new experiences I'd been having.  When I completed the 3rd book it just felt like there should be a 4th book by now. So I wasn't too surprised to discover one. And it was another excellent read.
The World View of Rembrandt
(a Jane Roberts/Robert Butts/Seth Book)

The World View of RembrandtSome time ago I was surprised and delighted to discover that Robert Butts, husband of the late Jane Roberts, had released yet another work of Jane's, channeled by her in 1983.  The book was intended to be a gift for Robert, and it was the 2nd artist Jane had connected with to share an artist's view of reality for her husband (see below for links to others).  So I bought it as a gift for my wife, Nadya (a Seth/Jane.Robert enthusiast like myself.)  I'm just in the beginning of the book and already I've come across comments that have had a profound effect on me. 

They begin with Rembrandt's description of his death and what came to pass right afterwards.  His description of things and his feelings just suddenly caught me in a state of knowingness, to a degree I can't ever remember experiencing before.  While a good part of the book concerns Jane and Rob's daily life, Rembrandt's explanations of his times, his paintings and his beliefs make this a very interesting read, one that many portrait artists might find interesting and even helpful in their work.

Note: click on the picture to find the only place to buy the book (it's on Amazon too but very expensive there.)

Click Here for more on the Seth Books on this page
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Healing Yourself With Light
LaUna Huffines

Healing Yourself With LightEven if you are not already using Reiki or some other energy related discipline, you already have natural healing abilities within you.  You also have assistants to this healing process in the form of beings of Light, like angels and your own Inner Healer.  And you have a variety of resources at your disposal, all of which are simply different forms of energy.  Sometimes it is not the seemingly powerful forms of energy that will bring about healing, but instead a softer or more subtle form.  So methods involving sound, colour, Light (like Solar Light or Angelic Light) and even the energy of the plants and animals around you might make the final difference in your health or frame of mind and emotions. 
A good resource I've long ago found for getting ideas and exercises in this form of healing is "Healing Yourself With Light" by LaUna Huffines.  The book has excellent chapters discussing concepts like working with angels, with various "directors" of your own inner systems, and with your own inner healer.  Techniques involved include working with Light, with colours in specific healing rooms, and with various parts of your body and immune system, just to mention a few.  There is an interesting section on "Becoming Younger", a topic that probably appeals to many in this day and age as something that is not so far fetched an idea as it once was.
Some of the book excerpts and ideas can be sampled at the links under the book's image (just below this article), so you can get an idea of what LaUna and her guides are presenting.  LaUna's web site also offers audio and video support for those that prefer this method of study.  Even if you are already an accomplished healer, you might get some ideas that will compliment your life and assist in your own personal development.

Healing Yourself With Light  by LaUna Huffines 
Book Preview  /  Everyone is a Healer  /  Inviting Angels of Healing
In 2010 we moved to a little town on the outskirts of the Vancouver area, close to the USA border and the ocean. There is a lot of nature in this area by way of the parks, forests, farms, beaches and the local landscaping.  So it was natural I suppose for me to get more involved with my work with nature beings. (click here for my previous explorations.) 

Outside our balcony there are over a dozen very tall conifers, as well as many smaller oriental cherry trees, bushes and other plants. I found myself one day in the summer of 2012) pulling out our 2nd Findhorn book
The Findhorn Garden Story as I was suddenly being approached by the nature beings of the area.  I readily engaged them with the projects my previous devas had begun with me, as well as offered anything else I could to assist their work.  This had already begun extending to the local forests and beaches that I like to walk. And the book is a great resource for understanding the work and goals of individual devas and elementals,and how we can interact and blend with their tasks. 

So with this re-read, I am now putting into practical experience the information I learn.  It is now making so much more sense to me how my own development has been growing in a direction that would bring me to this more intimate connection with nature.  I'll write some more here when I finish the book and my experiments.

Update - Dec. 2012: Finished the book.  What a fantastic read - at least for me anyway.  This time I got much more out of fit.  I think this book would appeal to anyone interested in nature beings, and to any gardeners, foresters, botany students - anyone interested in the world of plants and how to interact with them and their spirit caretakers.
Qigong Energy Healing
Qigong Energy Healing
Elements of Rejuvenation

Elements of

Qigong For Beginners
Recently I was looking over my books on healing and energy work and came across a Qigong book I read quite some time ago.

The book is called "
Qigong Energy Healing: Five Elements Rejuvenation Therapy"  - it further explains it is "The Personal Program to Heal and Strengthen Your life with Sounds, Diet, Mudras, Timing and the Five Rejuvenation Exercises"   It mainly relates to the 5 elements style of healing.  For those with a Reiki background, Mikao Usui used concepts from this in his own original teachings. 

The back of the book promotes a Merlin's Magic CD titled "Elements of Rejuvenation" that was created to go along with the book. I've always enjoyed the spiritual music of Andreas Mock; I find very enjoyable for energy healing work, Qigong, Tai Chi, meditation and just plain relaxation.  I remember trying to find this CD at the time but it was unavailable locally.

Today I decided to order the CD. I did so and also found a site I could download it right away from.  So I plan to go through the material again, but this time in tune with the CD music. 

Follow Up:  I tried the exercises in the book, even to the music, but I found myself going back to the Wuji Qigong exercises I've been working with for several years.  These are from the DVD Qigong for Beginners by Francesco and Daisy Lee Garripoli.   So I think a combination of the book, CD and DVD might work for some. 

More Music by Merlin's Magic

More Qigong Videos at Community Awake

Hypnotizing Maria
Hypnotizing Maria

I've been a Richard Bach fan ever since  "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" in the 1970's.  I've read most of his books and appreciated that he was a friend of Jane Roberts (Seth Books) and Robert Butts.  Recently I joined the local library and discovered 2 of Bach's books I hadn't read.  This one especially called to me.

Richard presents a different view of the concept of "Law of Attraction", one that has awakened a much better understanding of how it can work for me.  Actually during the week I was reading this book, I had reviewed 4 Abraham-Hicks video clips and also part of a Lazaris seminar on The Secrets of Manifesting.  So it seemed I was being guided to accelerate my growth in this area, especially so as the book's ideas really clicked with me. 

The book's story is presented once again from a pilot's point of view.  It shows how in some way we are all self hypnotized to accept our reality as valid, as solid. It demonstrates that just as a hypnotist can reveal a seemingly magical way out of this belief, we too can self hypnotize ourselves to begin to undo some of the restrictions and limits we have placed on our own reality.  This path can have immediate results in some areas of our lives.  Together with the resources I mentioned above, I find I am now doing a much better job at observing and restating my thoughts and words.  It gets easier as each day progresses. 

Perhaps one of these resources will be the one that clicks for you.

More Books by Richard Bach

Penny Peirce
Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration
Those that know me in the Reiki and Channeling world might be familiar with the work I've presented on Reiki and Highest Ki since at least 2001, including my own guide experiences beginning in 1995. I haven't come across many others who are teaching this concept as such, so I was quite surprised to discover Penny's recent book "Frequency" that deals with this kind of subject as well, and in much the same way that I have been presenting it.  Penny calls Highest Ki by the term "Home Frequency" and this is probably a much more appropriate name for the experience, close to the idea that Seth called our "Feeling tone," that individual and unique source note of our being. The book also talks about the concept of individual radiance, something I also share in my Reiki classes and even wrote an article on in late 2006 called Radiance

The book delves into many areas and has a great feature at the end of each chapter, not only summing up the topics but giving the reader simple exercises to explore relating to the material just covered.  The one part of the book I found very helpful begins on page 100 as I have been building towards yet another major shift and as of the time of this article (July 2009) I feel on the verge of great change.  Penny's approach called to mind the wisdom of many of my other great resources (Seth, Abraham, Lazaris, Ariel, plus my own guides) reminding me of the simple path one can choose to ride out such turbulent times. Penny often quotes other modern day resources such as Wayne Dyer and Abraham (Esther Hicks) making the book very relative to the reader working on his or her own personal development. 

I know I am not alone in these experiences and I feel this book is yet another great resource that for many may be the one that finally "clicks" for them.  Sometimes it's not so much the knowledge that is new but the viewpoint it presents.

Christan Hummel - Space Clearing Kit

A couple years ago I read Christan Hummel's book and found the energy concepts a good addition to what I was already using.  Last year, based on other's comments to the book, I had the impulse to channel our property Deva and thus opened up a whole new world of energy work.

Perelandra Garden Workbook, No. II

Then recently I came across an article by Christan titled Working With Devas to Heal Geopathic Stress. In it she talks about using concepts in the Perelandra book to work with Devas and Nature beings to clear the geopathic stress lines of large areas. I'm trying these ideas out now.

The Magic of Findhorn

At the same time, I was reading this book on the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, which was the inspiration for the Perelandra Garden project. It tells of using Nature beings to bring back the original vitality to your gardens and nature. This book is out of print but you can try The Findhorn Garden Story.

Update:  The garden and back yard feels much more comfortable and pleasantly energetic and the plants are responding well. Also, the day in May after I began adding in the Devas in my attempts to shift energies throughout the city beginning on the west side, I found myself in the exact location the Devas had begun. This was due to a sudden request one of my daughters had to check out the university area.  My daughter, who didn't know of my new project, expressed how she really enjoyed the energy of the entire area that day.  When I stopped and took notice, I realised she was right - it had changed a great deal from my previous visit.


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