The Reiki Threshold is a Worldwide Reiki Resource offering in-person and internet based Reiki Training, Free Articles for Study and Personal Development for Readers and Teachers alike, and is based in the Vancouver Canada area. The site is also a Resource for Conscious Channeling study and classes, and for Light Body development and research.
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 Usuii Gainen
"Unity of self through harmony  and balance"  (original Usui-dojo motto)
A Helpful Thought for Your Journey


What you are doing right now has within it the seeds of your life's work. As you may have discovered, each time you get a new job you use many of the skills you have already developed. It is as if every job prepares you in some way for the next one. Every skill you acquire that you love using will be important as you follow your higher path. You may not understand why you took a job or developed a particular talent or ability, but the skills you have learned will be of value to you. Trust that what you are doing now is helping you gain skills that will be used in your greater life's work."
Threshold Class Pages
The Threshold Student Pages are available to all past students who have
taken any live or distant Reiki class with me, from 1994 onwards
(If this is you, and you never received access codes from me, Click on the Dragon image below)

The Class Pages are intended for instruction and to keep students up-to-date
on the latest information I have acquired.  Master Level students should
check the Class Pages Update Log for recent changes affecting them.

All classes include frequent re-attunements to the
main Reiki energies you have learned from me.

 Past Students' Access to All Threshold Class Pages
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(Lost your codes or can't remember them?  See Note below)

Please click on the dragon if you do not have my current student email address

(Note: there is now a $25 fee to locate or replace lost access codes.
Kind of similar to replacing your apartment keys or maybe a library card.
However, this will be refunded with your next paid class with me.

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