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You have most likely come to this page because you are not familiar with Reiki.  Or you may simply be curious as to my thoughts on this aspect of Reiki Ryoho. 

The personal development system sometimes called Usui Reiki Ryoho, also known as Reiki-ho or Rei-ho, is better thought of in the West for the offshoot healing system called "Reiki."  It was originally just thought of as palm healing or teate. (tey-ah-tey).

I have found that Reiki is a Threshold to a higher part of your own existence. With this connection you can allow the flow of very high vibrations of energy through your auric field and into your physical body. This energy works to harmonize, or bring into balance, the total you: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

You can easily learn to give Reiki treatments to yourself, family and friends. It will help create and maintain close bonds, as well as enrich your sense of giving and receiving. The Reiki energy treats and energizes you even while you are treating others. You can start your own Reiki practice. The use of Reiki as a relaxation and stress reducing technique is becoming accepted and widespread; and it can enhance other bodywork techniques.

As for Usui Reiki Ryoho, it is actually a 1920s variation of the modern concepts of Mindfulness, and has nothing to do with hands on (or of) healing methods.  But it too offers a very simply philosphy for day to day wellness.  It can be found under the topics of Usui-Do and Usui Teate in the Experienced Reiki section of this web site.

If you would like to print my pages to share or use in your own classes, please read this page:

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Main Reiki Interests
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H.What is Reiki?
My explanation of Usui Reiki Ryoho (aka Reiki), with an analogy to help you understand how it works.
Read more ....
The Reiki Levels Explained
Reiki is usually taught over several classes. Why do some schools teach a different number of levels or degrees? Read more ....
H Why So Many Reiki Styles?
How did we end up with so many versions of Reiki, and how do they differ? Read more ....
H Activating Your Own Reiki Energy
Can you really do this or are you really just awakening your Highest Ki? Read more ....
What is Threshold Reiki
I feel Reiki is just one step along an individual's path of spiritual growth......I feel each person needs to find their own unique path, but they may wish to solicit assistance along the way.  Read more ....
Origin of Threshold Reiki
When I first began teaching Reiki, I thought it was all the same energy, that every Reiki was the same.  .....This made me curious about Reiki - didn't everyone get the same thing, and the same strength?  Read more ....
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Reiki Training Information
* * * *
Who Am I
Some info about me and my Reiki experiences.  Read more ....
What Do I Teach?
information about all my classes. 
(this page is currently unavailable)
H Sample Reiki 1 Class
What you might expect to cover in your first Reiki class.  Well, at least my version, as there is no standard method in the Reiki world.  Read more ....
Finding a Local Reiki Teacher
Some ideas on locating a Reiki teacher in your own area.  Read more ....
H Distant_Attunement
Most schools of Reiki do not cover the concept of distant Reiki attunements.  I have been teaching some students this way since 1997.  Read more ....
H Threshold Reiki First Degree / Shoden Manual
Read about a Reiki class before you attend one. Or you can have acces to thismain part of my Reiki 1 manual to add to your own Reiki knowledge and support.    Read more ....
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Other Helpful Information
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Reiki Healers List
Looking for a local healer? Read more ...
The Distant Healing Network
FREE distant healing service. I'm a founding member from 1996. Read more ...
A note to remind the reader that you probably shouldn't run right out and drop your reliance on your doctor just yet. Read more ...
Mikao Usui's Message
The originator of Usui Reiki Ryoho and Shihan or Sensei of the dojo where Reiki began.   Read more ...
Intensive Reiki Experience
Experience an on-line Reiki transmission from over 200 Reiki Masters.Read more ...

H An Explanation on the Origins of Reiki
The origins of Reiki are shrouded in the mystery and inaccuracies of oral teachings and very few public documents. Read the complete article ....

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Check Out Threshold Notes

Originally my blog page, I have 37 brief articles where I give my ideas on aspects of Reiki and/or energy work. The pages are intended to give some "food for thought" and some are only my viewpoint. While a number of facts may be included, you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content feels right to you.
Check Out Threshold Experiences

36 short stories or anecdotes (so far) where I share personal experiences related to my Reiki and energy work.
Make sure you visit the Miscellaneous Topics to find some additional topics that might interest you. Includes information on ME (who I am, and my Reiki training background), as well as some additional notes of interest like the Light Technique
Just because you may be new to all this, doesn't mean that you won't find some of the other topics at the Reiki Threshold interesting.  Have a look at some of these if they grab your attention.  I recommend you explore the Usui Memorial, the Usui Gainen or Precepts, the Saihoji Temple, Reiki in Japan, Sensei Hiroshi Doi's book, among others.

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