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Reiki and Conscious Channeling

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Last Updated: March 23, 2015

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This page is one of a series where I give my ideas on aspects of Reiki.  They are intended to give some "food for thought" and are only my viewpoint.   You will decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content feels right to you.

Many Reiki Masters consider the practice of Reiki to be a form of Conscious Channeling, and I agree with this, in part.  But to begin such a topic it might help to define what I consider Conscious Channeling to be. 

In the 1980's Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer created a highly successful program called "Opening to Channel".  At their web pages they describe in detail the concept of channeling  and conscious channeling.   

"Channeling is a doorway into more love; the higher realms are abundant with love."

"Opening your channel to the higher realms will create an evolutionary leap for you, for channeling is a powerful means of spiritual unfoldment and conscious transformation. As you channel you build a bridge to the higher realms - a loving, caring, purposeful collective higher consciousness that has been called God/Goddess, the All-That-Is, or the Universal Mind.

" When you "channel" you access these higher realms by connecting with a high-level guide or your higher self, who steps down this higher vibration and makes it more readily available to you. Channeling  involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness that is called a "trance."

I have found that Conscious Channeling has really helped me in my Reiki practice, not to mention elsewhere in my daily life.  It's helped me to be more in tune with students and clients, to get information or answers to questions, to set better energy spaces, to draw through me new and enhancing energies.

First Impressions

Originally I thought channeling involved allowing a higher spirit guide to connect with you and then take over your body to a certain degree. Then the guide would begin to speak through you and give very useful information, some of which may not have been known to many.  In the past, many famous channels like Jane Roberts (Seth), Jach Pursell (Lazaris),  etc. would channel this way.  The channeler might have had an idea of what was being said but they usually had to read the transcripts after, explaining that they seemed to leave their body (in astral form) and experience some spiritual growth in a different realm while the guide was channeling through their body. 

Some channels would produce automatic writing, allowing their Guide to come in and then take over their handwriting or even their typing on the computer. While the more famous channels always seemed to work with beings of Love and Light, most beginners still were concerned with connecting with beings that were not so evolved. 

The current methods of teaching channeling (such as that by Roman and Packer) involve techniques where with the energetic support of the teachers (and their guides) you only reach the high beings of Love and Light.  Also you are no longer unaware of your channeling as you remain conscious of what is being said - hence you are a conscious channeler.  This means that you do not leave your body when the Guide comes in but you remain conscious and aware of everything that is occurring and being said.  You simply develop a trust with the Being and allow it to speak or write through you.  I found conscious channeling to be something like eavesdropping on a conversation.  I may or may not be paying complete attention to the information I am channeling.  t

The current methods of teaching channeling 
involve techniques where ... you only reach 
the high beings of Love and Light.

"How do you recognize a high-level guide? High guides encourage you to use your own wisdom and discernment rather than blindly follow anything you are told. They never tell you that you "have to" do something or attempt to determine a direct outcome in your personal life. They encourage you to develop and use your inner strengths and deeper wisdom. They encourage you not to give your power to them. High-level guides are often humble, and acknowledge that their truth is not the only truth. High-level guides may point out something that is not working in your life, but they will do so in such a way that will make you feel empowered and strong."

from the book Opening to Channel

Channeling can also take other forms such as in your art, music, inspiration, daily guidance and much more.  While usually the Spirit that is channeled is thought of having a personality to it's consciousness, the personality can sometimes be very silent - almost dormant, as if existing in the background.

It is this type of channeling that I feel the Reiki energy can be thought of as.  I originally found that the Reiki energy would flow into and through me, simply through the act of my allowing it to do so.  However, I did not detect a forward or up-front personality, a being that will interact with my thoughts.  But it does seem to have a consciousness that allows it to follow my own intention of flow, and once it integrates with the target, it seems to know where best to concentrate. Thus the Reiki "spirit" or source seemed to interact directly with my own higher consciousness (Higher Self) and that of the person I share it with, knowing how and where it is best suited for the best results in the moment.  

This may not be the way Reiki was originally experienced in Usui Sensei's day, but it seems a good analogy for today.  I feel that as the new Reiki practitioner integrates Reiki more and more, eventually she or he becomes or takes on this vibration. as if adding to one's music libary.  Thus it is simply an add-on to their own energy field.   This is how the URR Gakkai

predict an experienced practitioner would experience the energy - they would become the Reiki energy.  So too, when working with your higher guides continually over time, one can take on some of the abilities they initially take care of for you. 

Channeling Other Healing Energies

When I first began to channel I was immediately intrigued with the class exercises where we would ask our guides to bring in new or different energies for things like changing the energy in a room (adding calm, alertness, coolness or warmth, etc.), or assisting a partner with a specific healing energy.   After class I wondered if I could reach out and channel energies of certain types of healing systems for which I could not afford to take the classes. I was surprised at how clear these energies came in, and as with energies like Reiki, I found the more I worked with them, the stronger they would get.  I would then test them out on Reiki Masters who were sensitive to energy and found that they would get similar results as the originator of the energies had predicted.

In one set of experiences with one of my energy clairvoyant students, I inadvertently got authentication by the founder of energies I had transferred known as Tera-Mai Seichem.  The founder tried to test out my student's version of this energy in front of an entire shamanic workshop she was about to take part in.  My student, when asked to compare energies, said that the energy from me was the same as what the founder had just given her.  However, in cases like this, if I have not taken the actual training of a system, I do not advertise openly my energies as being certified in that system. 

1998 aura photo taken as I channeled one of my guides

Sometimes people would write me about energies they had received or were working with.  I found that with the help of my higher guides I could quickly pull these in and sample them.  Over time I came to understand that I no longer had to take a class just to acquire a new energy I had heard about.  I realised that if I still had the urge to take the class, it was because I most likely needed to meet someone there, or I was going to eventually teach that style of energy work. 

I suppose it was due to my curiosity about these other energies that finally led my higher guides to automatically connect me to these vibrations, as soon as they detected a curiosity in me.  I might be simply reading about the energy or watching someone display it, my curiosity activated, and suddenly I would feel the energy coming into me. Over time I found I could do this on my own - but perhaps this is just my guides working in the background with me. 

Taking Channeling Into My Healing Work

Here are some examples of how my higher guides began to work with me in my teaching and healing work.

Originally when I gave a Reiki session I would ask my guides and those of the recipient to help me be aware of the areas of need in the person's body.  Eventually I found that my hands were being guided to certain locations and were even moving in ways I had not thought of.  It was as though the guides were simply taking over the process, with my permission, and penetrating the complete aura of the person as I worked. 

Not long after this, my guides suggested I channel through them (using them as sort of gate keepers) the everyday guides of the healing recipient.  The gatekeeper concept simply ensures that no lower non-harmonious being or energies can pass through to me.  My guides indicated that inviting them in would allow the recipient's guides to be more aware at the physical level the challenges existing within the person's body - something that apparently is not so evident from a guide's higher point of existence. 

Having done this, I was asked to invite the person's guides to flow, through my higher guide, any additional healing energies that they felt might be useful.  This is always quite interesting to me as the new energies they flow have a different feel to them than what I am used to. 
I was asked to invite the person's guides 
to flow through my higher guide, 
any additional healing energies 
that they felt might be useful.

The combination of these methods has resulted in healing sessions that typically last between 10 and 15 minutes.  However, since I have promised the healing recipient at least a full hour's work, I usually then proceed to work around the body using more standard hand positions.  I find this may help the subconscious of the person to recognise that I have indeed attended to a certain area, and there is the possibility that it will then release further any blocks related to that part of the body or aura.  All in all, it makes for very satisfying sessions.

Another way the higher guides assist is to share information with me about the healing recipient.  For example, I was taking part in a Reiki information booth at a local wellness show.  We had 2 tables for people to receive sample Reiki sessions and a couple of chairs for friends to sit and wait.  Often we might offer a short session to the person in the chair.  I noticed a teenage girl waiting for her mother so I asked her if she would like to receive the same energies her mother was getting.  She said yes so I simply rested my hands on her shoulders and let Reiki flow from there. 

Within a couple minutes I was getting some information from my guides about her so I shared this and said to her "You see things that others do not see."  She looked up at me, surprised and said "Not things. People."  So I told her that the first thing I had to share was that what she was seeing was real.  She looked at me with great relief and gratitude and said "Thank you!"  I then explained to her how most people can see spirit when they are very young, but over time they allow the ability to slip away, usually due to the fact there is no ongoing support for them to retain this.  This seemed to really help her understand her abilities.

Taking Channeling Into My Teaching

Me teaching a channeling class in Osaka, Japan (Nov. 2000)

An example of my higher guides assisting in other work is during my Reiki or channeling classes. Sometimes there is a discussion or questions on a certain topic.  In the middle of explaining something I may find I am suddenly giving information that is completely new to me.  When I finish talking I find I am actually saying out loud something like "Wow, I never thought of that before!"  The information feels completely new and yet it seems to explain perfectly what we were discussing.  Again, I feel this comes from having given my guides permission so many times to share information with me or through me.

I also find that in my smaller classes I am sharing information that is more in tune with what the student actually needs to hear or is interested in.  In 2003 at a Reiki lecture given by Wanja Twan, I learned that Takata-sensei would often do something like this as well.  Some of her Reiki historical ideas were actually just the result of her tuning into her students and recognizing a need for am anecdote to get a point across. But then she would always bring the students back to the moment by demonstrating the next hand position and saying "Now pay attention!" 

Throughout the class my guides are welcome to assist me, so they will show up during the meditations and the attunements and provide a calmer and more protective space.  Since I also offer to the student access to their Highest Ki, my guides and theirs will assist with connecting to the individual higher energies of each student.
...my guides and (the student's) will assist 
with connecting to the individual higher energies 
of each student.

As the class proceeds I may ask for certain energies to fill the room depending on the moods or needs of the students.  For example, in a master class, sometimes after lunch the students may feel a bit slow due to all the energy of the day, and of course the lunch-time meal.  So I may channel in energy to make people feel more alert and active.  This helps to get through the afternoon and to pay attention. And as you are aware, the temperature can seem to change in the room as you work with Reiki, so at times I may channel in cooling energies, especially when there is a lot of attunement practice. 

The Rest of My Day

As Reiki is what I do to support my family, I find that I spend a lot of my day running the energy along with other energy systems I work with.  Working with my guides by way of channeling adds to this process and often I simply invite my guides to be with me.  I also use the guides to build areas of higher Light vibration.  I may fill a space in advance where I am going to spend some time in, or if I am standing in a slow line in a store.  My guides help to assist people into a higher moment in time and things seem to progress more smoothly or quickly.

"Guides will choose a channel with a vocabulary or skill that will be a match for their work together. Scientific guides may choose channels with a scientific vocabulary. Artistic guides may choose artists. Philosophical guides may choose channels interested in philosophy, and so on. When guides transmit information outside of your vocabulary, they will search for the closest words you have available. That is why your guide may feel so much like you when you, for there is a great alignment of energy and purpose."

from the book Opening to Channel

There are many other ways that can be used, and sometimes it is just nice to be aware that you are not alone, that a very good friend or two is with you. In Japanese life, the concept of everyone having kami or spirit with a person each day, is a normal part of life.  Thus Usui Sensei knew he was far from being alone as he meditated on Kuramayama, and as he taught and went about his daily work.  Conscious Channeling may be one way for you to accelerate your own inner work and assist hose with whom you interact with on a daily basis. 

For more information on this topic and information on my classes, visit my page called 

If you have comments or suggestions, CONTACT ME .  I will try to answer them all.
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