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Western Reiki Symbols

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Last Updated: January 23, 2003             See also   Some Western Styles of Reiki?
The Tera-MaiTM Reiki and KarunaTM  Reiki energies came about due to modifications to Reiki attunements, suggested by spirit guides, with the purpose of  increasing the vibration of the Reiki ray.  In each Reiki attunement, the guides added subtle changes of focus, modifed procedure, and even introduced new energies via symbols. 

Even without the  attunements, most people are able to experience the energy of many symbols, to a certain degree.  I encourage you to experiment with these symbols here, which are shared by both Reiki styles.

Note: Symbols will open in a window that closes in 5 seconds
Mara / Rama
 Sanskrit Ohm
Kriya  Iava Shanti Hung  Tibetan Ohm
   Gnosa / Planetary Healing and Enlightenment

Please note I feel that the enhanced vibration of these energies do not make them better than traditional Reiki, just different (it depends on individual preference). 

For more information on Tera-MaiTM  Reiki, consult the book "Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing"  It is one of at least 4 Reiki books containing Reiki symbols.  See the The Reiki Bibliography for other sources.  For more information on KarunaTM Reiki, please consult The Center for Reiki Training)

If you would like to see the versions of the traditional symbols used by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi and other Japanese schools,  just Click Here.

If you have comments or suggestions, Contact Me.     I will try to answer them all.

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