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Distant Healing Comments

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Last Updated: August 11, 2010
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This page is one of a series where I give my ideas on aspects of Reiki and/or energy work.  The pages are intended to give some "food for thought" and some are only my viewpoint.  While a number of facts are included, you should decide for yourself how much (if any) of the content feels right to you.

Having taught many people who have learned Reiki or learned healing from other sources, I realize that many either have a misunderstanding as to how distant healing may be accomplished, or they simply are unaware of some very simple methods.  While it is not my place to say that their techniques are right or wrong, I can offer this perspective from my own experiences and those of my friends and students.

Distant Reiki does not require Reiki 2 training. 

I have found that Reiki, like any other energy, can be sent from a distance, with or without symbols (including the Connection or Distant Symbol). The ancient Taoist symbol for Connection 
(connecting you to your complete past, present and future self) that students of Mikao Usui adopted for his teachings served the URR Gakkai simply as a focus for this type of work.  In the old Reiki society (URR Gakkai) they may have taught that you needed a picture of someone to do absent healings. But I have learned that while the picture may serve as a good focus, it isn't really required to have the energy received by the healing subject. This is easily verified using novice healers or Level One Reiki practitioners sending Reiki to an energy-sensitive person (e.g. a clairvoyant).  The energy sensitive healing subject will confirm that the energy is indeed being received, with or without the photograph or any other such means of focus. 
Intention seems to be the key.

In a hands-on healing or Reiki session, the practitioner does not have to focus continually on the person receiving the healing in order for the energy to flow. Like many, I have found this to be the case for distant healing as well. For example, in our Reiki ex-changes we may carry on a conversation while working on a new person on the table, perhaps sharing ideas and experiences. But the subject never stops feeling the heat and vibration from our hands (they often fall asleep even with our chatter). Other people I have promised to send Reiki to, but then forgot (the distractions of my 3 kids!), have contacted me to thank me for the wonderful healing session they received.  Again, intention seems to really work wonders.

My Distant Reiki Bunnies sit beside my computer desk.  Each day I decide who they will represent, and I send continuous healing to them as I work.
I teach people that when sending distant Reiki, Light or other healing energy, if they do not have the time to sit quietly and focus on the person (I often  use stuffed animals as a focus or surrogate), then they can simply start the flow and tune in every so often. 

An easy way to do this is to write the person's name on a card and whenever they touch the card, allow the energy (and symbols, if they wish) to flow. Business cards are good, especially the healing subject's;  post-it notes are good, too. You can have a stack of these cards, as well. 

Then I suggest returning to whatever task you were doing. The healing energy continues to flow.  From time to time you can return your focus to the reiki and ntice if you still feel the urge to send.  Remember, any Reiki is better than none.

The Standard Distant Session

If you do have the time for an extended treatment, and you know you will not be distracted, then you can carry out the treatment as if the person was right there with you.  You can apply Reiki for as long as it feels right, leaving your hands in one position on whatever you are using for a focus (if anything). 

Or you can approach it in a stuctured way, spending 3 to 5 minutes or longer at each position (if using a stuffed toy or pillow). Do not worry if you seem to have only time for a partial treatment.   As I mentioned before, any Reiki is better than none.  Also, some teachers have noted that 20 minutes of Distant Reiki may have the effeect of a 90 minutes hands-on treatment.

After the treatment, try to get some feedback from your healing subject.

I also get people to send the energy ahead to meetings or gatherings they will attend. This increases the harmony that those attending it experience. Asking Reiki or other guides to pitch in is always a useful technique.  And of course, most practitioners know they can send healing to a past situation.  This is a useful technique in the Distant Heal-ing Network where we sometimes get requests after an event has occurred (like an operation).

Since Reiki works well on it's own, going where it needs to go, I believe one also does-n't need to work at directing it anywhere. The Higher Self of the individual will decide what is appropriate for the individual to receive and where. I feel you only need to "intend" to heal the person. I am reminded of a situation where I had sent a Reiki attunement to a needy, clairvoyant lady who wanted to work on her son. She wrote back saying how frustrated she was as every time she tried to "place" the energy on her son in the spot she felt needed Reiki, it simply moved on to another location. I had to explain to her how the energy flows of its own accord.

Have a Peek-a at some more of my distant healing buddies

However, in a "live" Reiki session, I find that the healing subject usually prefers having the healer work around the body as this can feel very comforting.

One other point of concern, students often ask me if they need approval to send dis-tant Reiki to someone.  They often see this kind of restriction in Reiki books.  And yet these same Reiki authors will proceed to send Reiki to the victims of large disasters or wars around the planet, without of course, getting each individual's permission first. 

Since I believe we are all connected at the Higher Self level, I feel that any energy sent can only be received if that higher part of us feels it is the right time for this anyway (there may be lessons to learn first).  And I believe we usually get the urge to send Reiki at the prompting of the person's Higher Self. 

I hope the above comments are useful in helping you create your own version of distant healing.

Distant Healing Bunnies
Here a couple more of our "buddies" at our house. I use the large one to demonstrate healing and Reiki attunements in my classes.

Multi or Group Distant Healings

NotE  If I taught you distant Reiki in the Reiki 1 class,  I did make a short mention of using a stack of cards (with the recipient of the healing, one on each of them.)  A better analogy is those Russian or Ukrainian dolls (matryoshka ) 



I have a set of these and in a live class I use an example where each doll could represent a family member.  I suggest that the student pick one and while focusing on a family member, intend the doll to be a surrogate for that person.  Then while still allowing Reiki to flow to that person, choose another doll and do the same for another person.  When all the dolls are finished with Reiki flowing to each, then the person need only put it all back together as one doll and send Reiki while holding it or paying attention to it.  Actually once you have done this once, I feel Reiki would flow to all of them just by you picking up the dolls, or thinking of them.  You could then change your focus and the energy would still flow. 

Some people use a stack of Post It Notes, or papers, some use crystals, I have an image of several toy cartoon characters at the pages - there is no end to how you can do this.  In the Okuden section Mr. Doi uses a Reiki Box example he picked up form Western Reiki.

In each case, I suggest taking a moment to focus on the target person or purpose, let Reiki flow to it and then move to the next one.  If you can add in some Nentatsu Ho (called Sei Heki Chiryo Ho at this level) and just affirm and visualise a good outcome, that helps as well.

If you have comments or suggestions, CONTACT ME.   I will try to answer them all.

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