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Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai Techniques

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Last Updated: March 31, 2014
There is another booklet used by the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (the original Reiki society) called "Reiki Ryoho no Shiori." It contains many healing techniques, but it is now only given out to the high ranking society members. According to Hiroshi Doi (a former Gakkai member)  it is no longer part of the Gakkai teachings.  Thus it was allowed to be presented to the West in 1999 by Doi-sensei in a series of workshops that came to be called Usui Reiki Ryoho International.  Below are the techniques listed in the level of training they were originally taught (thanks to Doi-sensei for this information). The list is also compared to techniques that  Mrs. Takata had been known to share with some students. (Thanks to Adonea for sharing this).

Some of the techniques are linked to pages with a complete description.  You can view others at my Sample Shoden and Sample Okuden pages.  I also list additional Gendai Reiki Ho techniques that Doi-sensei added into his workshop and classes.

* * *  NOTE:  These are all taught in detail in my  * * *
Orginal Gendai Reiki Shihan (master) Class.
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Traditional URR Techniques 
Shared at Doi-sensei Workshop
(key URR techniques in red) (some links in blue)
Taught by 
URR Shoden
Receive empowerment to Reiki energy
- empowerment via Reiju is repeated every training session and every Reiki meeting.
- Student is assigned an energy rating of 6
Practicing Teate(tay-ah-tay) (hands on healing)
Nentatsu-ho (Deprogramming)  
Jakikiri Joka-ho (Purifying Negative Energy)  
Shudan Reiki(Shuchu Reiki - Group Treatment - Renzoku Reiki (Reiki Marathon)
Original Usui hand Positions (5 head positions)

(start at the head)
Reiki Mawashi (Reiki circle - group sharing) 
Usui Reiki Hikkei (Usui-Sensei's Reiki manual)
- Gokai - Usui Reiki Precepts (Sensei's code of living)
- Usui Selection of Gyosei(125 of the Meiji Emperor's poetry) 
- Reiki Ryoho Shishon- Usui Healing Guide

Byosen Reikan-ho - (healing by feeling resonance or hand sensation)
- once learned, student moves to energy rating 5
Reiji-ho - (allowing Reiki to guide you to healing place - advanced scanning)
- once learned, student moves to energy rating 4
- when mastered - student move to energy rating 3
Reiki Undo (Breathing exercise for stress release)
- According to Doi Sensei this was not taught in traditional URR, however some members would experience this while doing Hatsurei-ho.
URR Okuden - zenki (1st step) - requires energy rating of 3
(these are the main Okuden techniques)
Taught by 
Hatsurei ho (enhance your Reiki channel)
- made up of the following steps(the components are below)

- Kihon Shisei(standard posture)
- Mokunen (Focusing)
- Kenyoku-ho (Dry bathing or Brushing off)
- Connect to Reiki
- Clean Breathing
-  Joshin Kokyu ho (Cleansing Breathing-purifying mind 
        (a Doi-sensei substitute for above step)
- Gassho (meditation posture)
- Seishin Toitsu (Concentration-make mind blank while receiving of Rei-ju)
   -  Hikari no Kokyo-ho (Breathing of Light technique) 
        (a Doi-san substitute for above step.)
- Mokunen

Uchi-te Chiryo-ho (pat with hands)  
Oshi-te Chiryo-ho (push with fingers)  
Nade-te Chiryo-ho(stroke with hands)  
Tanden Chiryo-ho  (Tanden healing technique) 
Koki-ho (Healing through breathing)  
Gyoshi-ho(Healing through staring)
Heso Chiryo-ho (Navel healing technique)
URR Okuden - koki (2nd step)
Receive separate empowerments to Focus, Harmony and Connection energies(not part of this workshop)
- receive kotodamas (mantras) and training in use of each energy.
NOTE: some original URR students would receive some of these empowerments in Okuden Zenki.

Given in one 
Seiheki Chiryo-ho(Natural habits healing technique)
Enkaku Chiryo-ho (Distant healing technique) 
Ketsueki Kokan-ho (Ketsueki Joka-ho) (Blood cleansing technique
- Hanshin Koketsu ho(Half body blood cleansing)
- Zenshin Koketsu ho(Full body blood cleansing)
URR Shinpiden
Taught by 
Receive empowerment to Empowerment energy 
-- (not part of this workshop)
- receive training in it's use
Learn Reiju or Empowerment method for each energy
- Note: Only Doi Sensei's version of Reiju for Shoden is given in the Shinpiden Teacher portion of the workshop
(Additional training not yet known) - Shinpiden means mystery t eachings and their seems to be somethig additional that is shared in the old society, as well as additional empowerments given.  

The following are NOT Usui Reiki Ryoho Techniques

Additional Gendai Reiki Techniques
These are Doi-sensei's own techniques that he adds into his classes.
(These are NOT Traditional URR Techniques)
Taught by 
Original History of Reiki  
Aura Cleansing (done before and after treatment)
Hikari no Kokyo-ho (Breathing of Light technique)  
Basic Western 12 hand positions 
Note: 3 students of Dr. hayashi report that he taught NO formal hand positions (Mr. Tatsumi, MS. Yamaguchi and one other). The URR Gakkai did NOT teach these as well.
Gasho Kokyo-ho (Breathing with Gassho)  
Chakra Kassei Kokyu-ho (Chakra activation)  
Reiki Shower (bathe yourself in Reiki)  
Jiko Joka Healing (Self Cleansing Healing)  
Self Cleansing Healing  
Sending Light to Your Cells  
Reiki Box (Sending Reiki to your desires)  
Using the 4th symbol - self cleansing with light  
Combining the energy of the symbols  
Receiving guidance during the day  
Communicating with Higher Self  
Reiki Meditation  
Ibuki - ho (Cleansing Karma with Reiki)  
Sekizui Joka Ibuki-ho (Cleansing of Spinal Cord with Breath)  
Hado Kokyu-ho (Reiki breathing with "haa" sound)   
Hado Meiso-ho (Hado breathing using hands)  
Solar Image Training  
Additional Reiki Information 
Shared at 1999 URR Semiinar
Taught by 
Paired Healing  
Original Traditional Chinese Medicine Hand positions  
Original Hayashi "Symbols" and origins
(not origins)
A copy of Doi-sensei's book - "Modern Reiki Method for Healing"  
A copy of the URR Gakkai Reiki Ryoho Hikkei translation (URR Gakkai original Class booklet)  
A copy of the orignal Usui Gainen   (mis-labelled as Precepts)  
A translation of the Usui Memorial Translation  


Shinpiden Teacher
 Taught by 
Western Reiki attunement method (Doi Sensei demonstrated his own Gendai Reiki attunement method - originates from Western Reiki)
Doi-sensei's own created Reiju (Attunement) technique for Reiki gatherings (not his Gendai Reiki attunement)
Additional Shinpden Teacher Techniques 
Shared at 1999 URR Semiinar
Taught by 
Original Hayashi/Tatsumi Attunement method (from Dave King)
A simple attunement for any energy process (from Richard Rivard)

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